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Best Air Fryers Types of Comparison Tables 2022

How do Air Fryers work?

Air fryers are essentially countertop convection ovens. The compact oven is smaller than traditional ovens and toaster ovens, and can cook food faster and more evenly. The top of the unit houses a heating element and a powerful fan. The heating element circulates hot air and generates heat around food. Air can flow through the basket, making the food extra crispy. Most foods are air-fried at 400°F or higher than in a traditional oven.

Are Air Fryers Safe?

An air fryer is a healthier option to deep-frying food. However, using an air fryer to cook a recipe doesn’t make it more nutritious. A common misconception is that air-fried foods, such as frozen chicken nuggets and fish sticks, are healthier when they are prepared in an oven. Although air frying can be a great way of preparing frozen foods to crisp perfection, it is not healthier than when they are prepared in a traditional oven,” Dana White, MS, RD and ATC, Food Network’s nutrition consultant, says.

 What To Consider Before You Buy an Air Fryer

  • There are many sizes and shapes of air fryers. The smaller units can cook food for up to two people at once. The XL and the XXL sizes can hold enough food for up to six people.
  • Multi-functional air fryers can be found. Air fryers can be combined with ovens and pressure cookers to make them multi-functional. A combo unit may be the right choice for you, depending on how much space you have and how often you use your air fryer.
  • Prices can vary. Prices for air fryers range from $40 to $300. Many of the top-rated air fryers are around $100, and often on sale.
  • Accessories will make your air fryer even more efficient. Air fryer accessories, like the pressure cooker, are now available on the market.

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